What are the most popular side bets in basketball?

Perhaps even more than in a sport like tennis, where side bets are very common, the range of bets in basketball is absolutely enormous. To summarize them here would take too much time. But you should know that if you want to bet on bets such as “team spread”, “winner’s margin”, “half-time winner” and many others, the licensed sports betting sites almost always allow you to do so.

What are our tips for winning at basketball betting?

But it is certainly not something easy. Following even the following 3 tips should help you increase your chances, but winning in the long run… that’s another matter! Focus on the fun of the game and if you are winning in the long run, you can think about getting even more involved.

Bankroll management in basketball betting

basketball betting

Whatever sport we advise you to bet on, we will always insist on the same point: maximum respect for good bankroll management. Basically, this means that you should never bet more than a certain amount on a specific bet.

Let’s imagine the following example: two of the most successful European basketball teams meet in the Final Four of the Euroleague: CSKA Moscow and Real Madrid.

For several reasons, you are sure that the Russians will win against the Spanish because the Final Four is being played in Russia and Real Madrid has had a hard time reaching the final.

The Russian club’s odds of 1.6 seem to have a huge value for a single bet. You should never bet more than 5% (2.5% would be even more prudent) of the money you have to play sports betting.

Even if you are confident you will win, never betting more than a certain amount will ensure that you are not affected too much by your periods of bad luck. In the medium to long term, you can only congratulate yourself with good bankroll management on your basketball bets.

There is more to life than the NBA

It seems to us a mistake to bet only on the NBA: bookmakers have access to so much information about each of these games that it is often more difficult to find value. If you have good sources of information about the Pro A – for example – it would be a shame not to try and take advantage of them as well. Even if some people will tell us that “it’s no fun when it’s not the NBA”, you have to know yourself whether you are there to try and maximise your chances of winning or just have fun (which is of course not a problem for us).

Beware of betting on the NBA regular season

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Since the majority of basketball bets are placed on the NBA, our third tip was to tell you about the American major league. From experience, we know that many players make mistakes during the regular season. Don’t underestimate, among others, the following 2 points:

Losing a game in the regular season is much less important than in the playoffs, especially if a team is more or less already qualified. A super favorite could often be, in reality, a pure underdog in a single regular season game.

Some NBA games are played in a “back to back” fashion, meaning that a has to play 2 nights in a row. Unsurprisingly, players are bound to be very tired under such conditions, especially if the opponent has had an extra day of rest.

How to take advantage of sports betting bonuses and promotions for betting on basketball?

Whether you want to bet from one of the many mobile sports betting apps available in the UK or via your laptop, there are plenty of sports betting bonuses and promotions that can be used to bet on basketball. The following three bonuses could go a long way in helping you maximise your chances of winning on this sport and we recommend you take advantage of them.

The welcome bonuses at betting sites are all in the same form and you should definitely take advantage of them if you sign up at a site where you have never had an account before. All French bookmakers offer players a refund on their first bet if they lose. You can place a bet of up to $150, free of charge!

  • Boosted odds: also present on a majority of sports betting sites, boosted odds allow you to maximise your potential winnings with improved odds for a specific event. Quite rare outside of the NBA, odds improvements are regular on playoff games and in the long run, they can make a big difference to your ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Freebets: Free bets are probably the most regular promotion for active sports bettors. Many bookmakers offer you for example a free bet of 5 dollars if you bet on at least 3 single NBA bets with the same amount.

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