How to bet on Basketball

If there is one sport that revolves around one league in the French sports betting world, it is basketball! In fact, the majority of sports betting sites approved not only offer live streaming services of NBA games but, in addition, almost all basketball bets are placed on this major American league. In this respect, even if leagues like MLB, NHL, NFL and even MLS also have many fans, the American basketball league is the only major US competition that gathers a huge number of bettors.

Even if – as we will see in some of our paragraphs – we also enjoy other basketball competitions such as the Pro A, the Euroleague or the Champions League of basketball, we thought it was essential to offer you a guide to better betting on the NBA and basketball in general. 

What are the most popular basketball bets?

Before we talk about which bets are specifically the most popular in the world of basketball, we have to stress one thing: the majority of basketball sports bettors bet on the NBA exclusively! We’ll come back to the other leagues later in this guide but the following bets are of course possible in the NBA as well as the Euroleague, Pro A and other basketball leagues if you wish.

How to bet on single bets in basketball?

Basketball betting

The principle here is exactly the same as in our football betting tips: you have to bet on the winner at home (1) or away (2). Of course, unlike the most popular sport in the world, draws do not exist and/ or are extremely rare if you consider “extra-times” to be draws (some bookmakers offer this kind of bet but they have no value because it happens too rarely).

How to bet on over-under in basketball?

We will mention other examples below, but over-under betting is much more popular in basketball than in rugby for example. If we were to mention only one type of bet, especially in the NBA, it would be the over/under bets, which offer you to bet on the total number of points (over/under). In NBA games, total scores are often above 200 points, which can give you interesting value opportunities.

How to bet on the winners of basketball competitions?

bet on Basketball

As we explain in our articles on the winners of different sports and major sporting events, betting on the winners of competitions is more suitable for “fun” betting than for serious, bankroll management betting. In fact, if you decide for example to bet on the future winner of the NBA before the season even starts, the odds are huge, the form of the teams very hard to anticipate, and the bet is only on the long term. Unless you anticipate a huge surprise like the Detroit Pistons in 2004, the fun is the most important thing here.

How to bet on the best scorers in basketball?

While betting on the best rebounders, assists and steals is very common, betting on the best scorer in a specific basketball game is the most popular. In general, you will find this type of bet under the ‘scorers’ tab or by clicking on the game you are interested in. In this case, note that the majority of basketball games outside the NBA (see Euroleague) will not always offer this type of bet.

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